Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back from Trip

We are now back from the road trip to the north east coast. What a great time it was. If anyone wants to get some ideas from us please ask we would like to give you some information if you're planning a trip out there. We are not spending time at home before we head back to Estes Park for the summer! I cant wait to get the fly rod back out, and take some backpacking trips. Will keep you posted on the wedding and our adventures this coming summer so stay tuned and look for more posts.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh Canada...

Yesterday was an interesting day, we decided to head up through Canada to make our journey back to Minnesota. We stopped for a quick cup of joe in Ottawa, and of course got lost because our phones didn't work, the iPad wouldn't connect, and the gps didn't recognize anything! With that said we drove the whole way through only stopping for gas until we made it back to America again.

Oh how I love Vermont

Today we are exploring Vermont. Only 11:00 and we've already toured the cabot cheese factory, and many maple sugar houses. If you have never tried pure maple, you are missing out. I will now be eating it on everything I make... Oatmeal, ice cream, veggies, ham...yummm I can't wait! Next stop we are heading to the Ben and jerry's ice cream factory. 

We love our seafood

Boston 5/8
This was a completely spur of the moment stop. Brandon and I were craving some chower and decided to check out the city. We gobble our chowder and don't get far when we see a brewery. Harpoon brewery, the 10th largest craft brewery in the country (and not available in Colorado). Tours were running all day so we of course went on a tour and stayed extra long for the tasting. We continued on our way and soaked up the atmosphere of Boston hopping from pub to pub. I guess since we really don't have a schedule, we can stay in Boston tonight..

A little r&r

Cape Cod was the most relaxing part of our trip. We arrived mid morning and headed straight to the beach. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and spent the whole afternoon walking along the beach and sipping some Rhode Island wine we had. That evening we met a couple who had a beach vehicle permit and they drove us to the national lighthouse that is only accessible by car, via the beach. It was such an experience driving on sand right next to the ocean. We parked the car by the ocean and watched the beautiful vistas while we enjoyed mohitos. What a great day!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Let's run this town..

On tip for visitors to dc: THE MOST FUN thing we did while here was renting bikes. Our second day in dc we wanted to see all the out side attractions. We swiped our card in a self serve bike station and we were on our way. In less than three hours we saw the WWII monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Arlington National Cemetary, Iwo Jima, and Vietnam Memorial. We were all over DC. Stopping in Chinatown for a quick lunch and meeting with with my parents we were off again touring. That afternoon we saw the museum of National History, and Natural History, needless to say we were worn out and ready for a nice relaxing dinner. 

And we're off!

Our first stop on our adventure was DC. Arriving in the afternoon, we had time to check into our hotel and hit the town to tour. With a stroke of luck we were given a pass to get into the Holocaust museum and by pass the line... Yes! The exhibit was great, like nothing someone can explain on paper. We spent three hours taking everything in, and I tell you what, it was powerful. We were ready to move on and had 30 minutes before exhibits were closing so we thought we would try to get into the national monument before the last tour. We walk up to the monument only to be told tickets have been sold out since 9 that morning... Well with another bit of luck the people that were standing right next to us had two extra tickets! They handed them over to us and just like that we got the go up in the monument on the very last tour.

To make a great day even better, we were trying to find a place to grab some dinner and stumbled upon a brewery. We sat down at the bar and were greeted with a delicious plate of soft pretzels and cheese. After devouring the pretzels we shared a hamburger and enjoyed some local brews.

About ready to leave I get back from the bathroom and there is a brownie Sunday with a birthday candle on top...huh? Brandon leans over and says if anyone asks it's your birthday..oh great, well the bartender comes over and continues to sing me a happy birthday while Brandon just smirks. It turns out brandon had nothing to do with this, the bartender bought us a wonderful dessert and two more beers, and we headed on our way. 

That night we soaked up the city and walked around enjoying the beautiful night.