Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh how I love Vermont

Today we are exploring Vermont. Only 11:00 and we've already toured the cabot cheese factory, and many maple sugar houses. If you have never tried pure maple, you are missing out. I will now be eating it on everything I make... Oatmeal, ice cream, veggies, ham...yummm I can't wait! Next stop we are heading to the Ben and jerry's ice cream factory. 


  1. We'd love to hear all about your trip to the Cabot Creamery! Thanks for stopping in :)

  2. We loved the tour that factory was really neat, and we learned some interesting things. We wish that we would have bought some more of that sharp cheddar though, didnt last to long! The best part was trying all the different cheeses at the beginning!

    Thanks guys!