Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dachau concentration camp

A sombering day was ahead of us when we decided to see this first ever concentration camp.  When arriving to the site by car I needed no sign, as we passed a huge barb wire fence surrounded with watchtowers I knew where we were. It was the same sight we have seen in every childhood history book. 

We parked the car and decided to go on a tour of Dachau. We were here to learn and educate ourselves about the history of the world. We joined a English walking tour of the site which is almost all original buildings. These have only been preserved because of survivors of the concentration camp. After the war most germans didn't want to accept or remember what had happened at dachau. They wanted it to be destroyed. It was the survivors from almost all surrounding countries including Germany who protested to keep it as it was, as opposed to having just a small memorial. These people wanted the future generations to learn frthe what happened and to remember what had happened. "Never again" two words posted on one of the memorials. We walked through Dachau and learned of the day to day routines and punishing/torture that was bestowed upon the victims. As hard as it was to think of what happened, it is something that future generations should never forget. 

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