Saturday, October 22, 2011

Driving through Italy was such a beautiful sight. Vineyards lined the highway, and literally every direction there were rows and rows of grapes. We stopped at a small grocery store and couldn't resist buying a few bottles of wine and some chocolate, setting us back a whopping €1.50 per bottle. We already love Italy!!

Arriving in Venice was a delight however we were quickly greeted with high price tags and an underwhelming amount of hotels. We park our car in the only garage we can find and pay more for one night than we have paid for any hotel yet... Yikes! We load up our bags and head to find a hotel. Only after about 30 minutes we find the perfect location with perfect price... Thank you trip advisor (and the lady behind the desk.. She defiantly helped us out with the price) 

With a quick change of clothes we were out the door and exploring. Venice is such a beautiful and romantic city, we didn't know where to go first. Our short time in the city was spent wandering around the maze of bridges and sidewalks, going in and out of shops, and enjoying the great weather. 

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