Monday, October 10, 2011


Tonight we are Relaxing with some German beer in our Hostel, and looking back on the day I feel like we have done so much. This morning feels like it was a week ago, but we don't want to miss anything! On Gunter's recommendation, we first head to an auto museum. This contained a mixture of old cars of famous people, and a lot of war machinery. There were two different museums to go into as well as an iMax. Its hard to describe but it was very interesting.

We buzzed through the museum and went on our way to Rothenburg. With not a single modern building in sight this medieval town is very charming, and historical. It is encircled by its original 14th century walls and has been preserved very well. Some of the town highlights include the Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas store, a tower where we climbed 200 stairs to get to the top, that overlooks the entire city with amazing vistas, and the kriminalmuseum, which provided a gruesome glimpse of the past, housing all manners of torture devices that were used during the medieval times - shame masks, devices to pull limbs off the accused, and crush different body parts, and cages where the accused would be put on display in the center of the village so they would be shamed. 

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